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Touted for its health benefits, Fiji’s fresh turmeric has been making inroads into the West, thanks to a spice exporter in the country.

Ashwin Export and Import was established in the year 2018. This company is made on the principle idea of providing people with the numerous benefits of a true organic turmeric. We sell our organic turmeric and turmeric powder locally in Fiji as well as exporting it to countries such as United States of America, New Zealand, Canada, London and several other countries.

The company came into existence because of our passion to provide our customers with organic and all natural turmeric that cannot be easily found nowadays.

Our turmeric is chemical free as it is wildly grown in the interiors of Fiji Islands. Our product is organic certified so our customers can always be rest assured that they are getting what they are paying for; a 100% natural and organic turmeric with its rich fragrance and health benefits that can be used for so many different purposes.

About Us

Khandhaliwala’s company works closely with up to 120 local farmers from multiple villages across the interiors of western Fiji, including Niuoka village in Sigatoka and Navuniivi village in Rakiraki.

“To get good quality turmeric, we have to go to the interior parts of Fiji, approximately 230 to 270 kilometers from the main road. The journey is challenging but the outcome is very positive,” he said. Taking five to six months to mature, the root crop — which grows well in all seasons — is carefully harvested by hand using garden tools.

The farmers will ride their horses into the mountains and use them to transport the fresh turmeric roots back to the villages, where they are sorted out.

Once validated and checked for quality, the crops are immediately sent to Ashwin Export’s warehouse to prepare for shipment within 24 hours to ensure freshness. “The longer fresh turmeric is left in the open, the lower the quality,” Khandhaliwala explained

At the warehouse, the fresh turmeric roots have to undergo a thorough preparation process before it is ready for export. First weighed and washed, the crops are then dried, graded, and packed accordingly before undergoing a final bio inspection for quality.

“We usually inform the farmers to have the crops ready for collection on the eve of the flight’s departure. Processing and packing at our warehouse are then done overnight to have it ready for the flight the next day,” he shared.

Throughout the whole process from the farm to the warehouse, his team also has to ensure the right conditions during transit. “We’re dealing with fresh organic turmeric. It is our responsibility to ensure the whole process is chemical-free and not compromised or contaminated,” he said.

About Us

Vision of company

We aim at selling real and authentic turmeric. As for many are yet to see the real authentic turmeric.

About Us

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